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Dangerous Lead Exposure in Renovation Projects
Lead exposure is a very serious issue as you can see from the list of health risks outlined below.  However, not every home improvement company is taking the proper steps to insure your safety.

Advantage Metal Roofs takes seriously the handling of potentially toxic building materials.  Our concern is for creating safe living environments for our customers and their families and creating safe work environments for our employees.  The Bottom Line:  You’re safe with us.  

Before you hire any company or individual to renovate, repair or paint property that you own or occupy, make sure that they have completed the EPA Training on Lead Safety and are certified.

At Advantage Metal Roofs - our first concern is your safety.

The Dangers of Lead Exposure
Lead was used in common paint products until its ban in 1978.  Even in very, very small amounts lead is a dangerous toxin.  The following is a list of the dangers of lead exposure:

Children under six are most at risk from small amounts of lead.
Children are at a greater risk than adults because their bodies are developing. During normal and frequent playing or hand-to-mouth activity, children may swallow or inhale dust from their hands, toys, food or other objects.

In children, lead can cause:
• Nervous system and kidney damage.
• Decreased intelligence, ADD, and learning disabilities.
• Speech, language, and behavior problems.

Pregnant women are especially at risk from exposure to lead:
• Lead is passed from the mother to the fetus and can cause:
• Miscarriages
• Premature births
• Brain damage
• Low birth weight

Health effects of lead in adults include:
• High blood pressure.
• Fertility problems in men and women.
• Digestive problems.
• Nerve disorders.
• Memory and concentration problems.
• Sexual disorders.
• Muscle or joint pain.

Statement of Compliance To New EPA Guidelines
As of April 22, 2010 new EPA guidelines have gone into effect regarding renovation, repair and painting in structures where lead based paint may be present.  Advantage Metal Roofs and associated companies are officially certified according to the new EPA standards.

Official Certification is on display in our offices at 6140 Taylor Drive, Flint, MI 48507.  A scanned copy of the official document is provided below.

Advantage Metal Roofs conforms to the EPA’s RRP Standards of Certification - Our Certified Renovators will:

• Perform work and direct lead-safe work practices.
• Provide on-the-job training to non-certified workers.
• Keep a copy of the initial and/or refresher training certificates onsite.
• Use EPA-recognized test kits to identify lead-based paint.
• Be physically present while posting signs, containing work areas, and cleaning work areas.
• Be available by telephone when off-site.
• Maintain the containment to keep dust and debris within the work area.
• Implement the cleaning verification procedure.
• Prepare and maintain required records.