Metal Roof Installation in Austin, TX

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Advantage employs a team of supervisors and metal roofing installers with years of experience, providing custom metal roof installation in Austin, TX and surrounding counties.

Advantage has installed over 3 million square feet of roofing in Central Texas. We focus on the following counties:

  • Bastrop County, TX
  • Comal County, TX
  • Guadalupe County, TX
  • Hays County, TX
  • Travis County, TX
  • Williamson County, TX

Metal roof installation is a specialized skill, requiring years of training and experience. A typical asphalt shingle roofer does not possess the skills to perform a high-quality metal roof installation. Installation skills are different for snap lock standing seam metal roofs, aluminum shingles, steel shingles and stone-coated metal products. Each product requires different techniques to properly install, and our metal roofing installers in Travis County, TX have received extensive training for each of these products.

Metal roof installers also require ongoing training in order to continually improve their skills, whether working on residential metal roofing, commercial metal roofing, and as products improve. Lifelong learning is required in this skilled trade.

We constantly received compliments for our installation teams in Hays County, TX. While possessing excellent installation skills, our installers also have a strong customer-service focus. Our installers:

  • Arrive on time, in uniform
  • Clean up daily
  • Do not play loud music on site
  • Perform a thorough end-of-job clean up
  • Will not embarrass you with shoddy attire, attitude or cleanliness

Advantage maintains employment relationships with all of our installers instead of using sub-contractors. We care greatly for our installation crew and, as such, we provide excellent benefits such as health insurance and Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Workers’ Compensation provides benefits if one of our Installers is injured on the job. However, it also protects you. If you choose a contractor that does not carry Workers’ Compensation insurance and a worker is injured while on your premises, you could be held liable and be sued. If the company you have chosen uses 1099 sub-contractors instead of employees, those workers may not be covered under Workers’ Compensation, thus creating more risk for you.

Our installation team in Williamson County, TX will get the job done right the first time, every time and our customers have noticed the difference. Take some time to review the testimonials about Advantage and the quality of our work in counties such as Bastrop, Comal and Guadalupe, TX!

We look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied customers!